Thursday, February 23, 2012

Review: Destroyer - Kaputt

Released on January 25, 2011, Kaputt is Destroyer's ninth album.  The band is a brainchild of Daniel Bejar of the more famed The New Pornographers.  Previous Destroyer albums covered the gamut of low-fi pop to quirky honky-tonk, so this new direction of Roxy Music-influenced lust is a strange, but lovely move.  Low-key vocals, female backing vox, saxophone, and synth all rumble in the background to create a simplistic, but beautiful noise.  This is one of those 'slow burn' albums that I keep returning to, even though I can't put into words exactly why.  Highly recommended.

Available as a CD (people still buy those?), MP3 download, or a double-LP.  The LP, to my amazement, actually features more music than the other releases.  A MP3download coupon also comes with the vinyl release.

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