Thursday, May 30, 2013

Working on a new book: a Nano Zombie followup

I told myself I was due for a break but instead I've been slowly working on a followup for Nano Zombie.  I feel as if I left the characters hanging and since this has been my best selling title to date, why not?  The world will continue to disintegrate as climatic change and lack of food continues to starve out whatever remains of humanity.  That, and the Infecteds, could be the end.  Or is it?

Due to some fairly major life changes, I'm expecting a publishing date some time in the late autumn or early winter.  Stay tuned.

Summer Giveaway: Free Ebooks

Excluding Amazon, there will be a summer giveaway of the majority of my books.  Check out Smashwords, Apple, Barnes & Noble, or Sony to get yours.

Titles will include: Horror America, Malediction, Lonely Are the Dead, and At Harper's Ferry.

My latest book, Nano Zombie, will still remain at full price.

Why is Amazon excluded?  Simple: They don't allow zero pricing on their books unless the titles are enrolled in KDP Select.