Sunday, January 29, 2012

Selling eBooks and Free Content

So far I've given away (sold?) over 2500 copies of Murder at Zero Hour.  This is part of my marketing plan to get my works out there.  It has been interesting experiment.

What I've learned so far -

1) People love free content.  Even after nearly two months, I'm still giving away anywhere between 30-50 copies a day.

2) Just because someone downloads, reads, and even likes the free eBook, does not necessarily mean they will buy some other piece of your work, even if the product is still priced at 99c.

3) Nonetheless, I have noticed a fair uptick in monthly sales.  At least 2-3x my standard volume.  Part of this could be due to Murder at Zero Hour, but I'm more inclined to think the post-Christmas surge has a part to play.  There are more eReaders and iPads out there, with users hungry for goodies.

So what comes next?  Well, I'm still working on a new book, which will expand my online footprint a few more kilobytes.  I'm also planning another push for Murder at Zero Hour, continuing the free eBook giveway, which will hopefully lead to even more sales.

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