Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Next Book Update: the work continues

With many of my older works now published, I've been able to turn my attention to a new project. This murder-mystery crime-thriller has been quite fun to write, especially since it is set during the swinging disco year of 1977. Of course I'm not concentrating on the awful fashion senses, or the feathered hair, but more on the grit and grime. The 70s were an interesting time in American history - it seemed that personal freedom was at all-time high, but so was distrust in government and the social conventions of the past.

For the purposes of my fictional account of a serial killer, it is also a perfect backdrop. There were no DNA tests, minimal computers, and minimal security cameras. It took guts, determination, and a whole bunch of luck to capture someone who murdered without motive. As usual, there is a surprise twist, and if the reader is keen, enough clues to solve the mystery before the final page is turned.

I'm currently only a few chapters away from the 'first pass'. After that, I will have to start fleshing out some of the scenes, add some additional characters, red herrings, and the usual finishing touches.  Stay tuned!

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