Saturday, January 21, 2012

Review: The Big Pink - Future This

I was a big fan of this English electronic-music duo's debut album A Brief History of Love, so I was looking forward to buying their sophomore album.  Though lacking the grit and dark mood of their first, Future This has a pleasant pop-infused sound that will sure to please many listeners.  What seems to be lacking is a little extra nudge of creativity that would throw this album into a higher tier.  But still, pleasant enough for me.

I will also make a comment about the vinyl quality.  I prefer to buy music via the ancient record format - I've been collecting them since I was a teenager.  The pressing for Future this was done on pink vinyl, but was mastered at a very low volume.  It also sounds odd, with a rolled-off bass and lacks attack.  It sounds much like an AM radio.  My guess would be they tried to squeeze too much music on the record, and allowed a computer to do the mastering.  A double-LP would have worked better.

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