Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Review: Peter Murphy - Ninth

Peter Murpy launched his solo career from the Ashes of Bauhuas, creating a mix of dance-fueled pop interspersed with a heavy dose of goth gloom.  After several successful albums, time changed the sound and he was practically forgotten, though always beloved for his contributions to the Gothic sound.  After the Bauhaus reunion, Murphy was infused with a new direction, culminating in this 2011 release.

Lucky for us, Ninth is a return to form.  The best tracks here - Seesaw Sway, Memory Go, I Spit Roses, and The Prince & Old Lady Shade would easily fit into his classic Deep era sound.  Highly recommended for new and old listeners alike.

Available on CD, MP3, and LP. The LP also comes with a download code to get the entire album via 192kbs MP3s.

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