Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A couple of updates on my latest book(s)

Due to some unforeseen time commitments, the third Jack Blackwood novel At Shiloh will take a few more weeks to be published.  Once that is completed, the entire Blackwood trilogy will also be made available for a single low price.

The rough draft of my science-fiction book has been completed.  It is currently being reviewed by a fellow writer for potential improvements, plot holes, and other vagaries.  I have high hopes for this novelette which will be sure to please fans of classic post-nuclear/apocalypse stories.

Though I was planning to take a break from writing, I find it to be a hard habit to break.  During a few free hours, I came up with a neat book idea.  This will be something different than I have written before.  Though 'historical' in the sense that the action will occur in the 1970s, this novel will be more of a modern thriller-crime-detective story.  But a little different than your normal paperback aisle fare.

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