Friday, August 26, 2011

Next book update - At Bull Run - is going to the editor

This was the second book I ever wrote.  At this point my writing style felt stronger and less editing was required for this re-write.  This novel is a continuation of the Jack Blackwood series.  This time our detective is faced with a series of murders that is demoralizing a newly-formed cavalry regiment.  As expected, there is plenty of gunfire, surprises and a woman to tantalize our protagonist.  Readers of Westerns and Civil War history will find much to like here too.

Here is a sneak peek of the cover:

As usual, I will be using Smashwords to publish - this is the easiest way to distribute to  Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, etc.  For the time being I will self-publish the work to Amazon.  So stay tuned!

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