Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Update of my Latest Book and Thoughts on a World Without Freedom

When I'm not busy working my job or posting for this blog, I've been writing my latest book.  This is going to be my first science-fiction book - with an emphasis on fiction.  I've always had an interest in post-apocalyptic books and movies - my favorites Star Man's Son, The Day of the Triffids, and Mad Max immediately spring to mind.

What's interesting about such stories is the distortion of a world we as readers recognize, but is not so readily apparent to the characters.  There is also the changing political system - gone is the representative/democratic society that we have grown accustomed to.  Instead, there is a reversion to barbarism or even feudalism.

 Post-apocalyptic stories are also inherently political observations.  In the era of the Cold War, they were strongly anti-war, showing the long-term ill-effects of a nuclear war.  With this book, I'm planning to touch on our own modern fears.

The world we currently live in is truly amazing, offering freedom of expression and a large measure of safety from the ancient perils of reality.  It's a fragile thing that has only been around for a few hundred years - how much longer can it last?  It will only take a single event or (more likely) a slow degradation before such freedoms are gone.  How well would you survive in a world without easy access to food and medicine?  Or a world where you couldn't vote or spend your money the way you see fit?  This is the existence of  millions of people right now - will it become ours in the future?


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