Monday, May 16, 2011

My Twenty Desert Island Music Picks

Twenty albums that changed my world.  If I was marooned in space or a little island in the Pacific, this would be my ideal pick from my music collection.  Of course a radio would be nice for the odd hockey game and Sunday morning classical music.

Badfinger – No Dice   - Though Badfinger’s history reads like a dramatic tale of suicide and despair, they made soaring pop music that makes you glad to be alive.

Elvis Costello – Armed Forces  an album with few flaws and not a single throw-away song.  That’s rare.

Bob Dylan – Blonde on Blonde  is perhaps the zenith of Bob Dylan’s career and maybe of all time.  No one has ever made an album like this before or since.  The music swells to dizzying heights and barely manages to stay together.

Echo & the Bunneymen – Heaven Up Here  - UK Topnotch New Wave pop.

Felice Brothers – s/t  makes folk music from the dark underbelly of America.  This is the real deal, brothers!

The Flying Burrito Brothers – Gilded Palace of Sin  is the best of a then new genre – country rock!

Steve Forbert – Alive on Arrival  is catchy, introspective folk-rock with some great lyrics.

Icicle Works – The Small Price of a Bicycle - bombastic?  yes, but oh-so catchy and powerful New Wave.

The Kinks – Lola versus Powerman and the Moneygoround  - a difficult choice, but probably their most consistent album

Ronnie Lane – Anymore for Anymore is the best of the then-new British folk-rock.  Ronnie sings with heart and soul.

Nick Lowe – Pure Pop for Now People  (aka Jesus of Cool) is Nick Lowe’s groundbreaking pop masterpiece.

John Phillips – Wolfking of L.A.  - the main songwriter of The Mamas and the Papas goes solo and makes his best album ever.

Play Dead – From the Promised Land  is melodic goth rock with a hint of cold wave and strong, powerful martial beats.

Shout Out Louds – Our Ill Wills  is the best modern pop group around with chilling melodic hooks.

Snake Corps – Flesh on Flesh  is powerful cold wave with a catchy guitar flare

The Sound – From the Lion’s Mouth - the vehicle for Adrian Borland’s genius.  All of their albums are excellent, so this is a hard call because I love 'em all.

T. Rex – Electric Warrior  has the best melodic glam hooks in the business.

Tom Waits – Closing Time - before his voice cracked, Waits made this powerful singer-songwriter album.

Link Wray – s/t (1971 Polydor)  is deep American folk-rock, this sounds nothing like Link’s rockabilly days

Neil Young – Tonight’s the Night - drug addiction and suicide underpin this dark rock ‘n roll album


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