Friday, June 1, 2012

"New" Book now published on Amazon


This is a re-write of "Of Ghosts & Gunpowder" with a new title and cover, and some further changes to the content.  With the success of Headline on Amazon's Select KDP, I thought it best to take my favorite work and try once again to break it into the market.  The original "Of Ghosts and Gunpowder" will no longer be available from any retailer.

Starting on Saturday, June 2nd, Horror America will be available for Free.  This special promotion will only last four days, so have at it.
Move over Sherlock Holmes! When the supernatural game's afoot, helpless people call on the good Dr. Townsend to save them. Ghosts, the undead, werewolves, and more horrors that man was not meant to see are loose in 1870s America, so it's up to Captain Parker, a gunslinger for hire, and Dr. Townsend to stop the horror. Yet when Townsend's beautiful daughter falls under the spell of a mysterious suitor, their fortitude will be tested in a battle like no other. Written in a series of connected short stories narrated by Parker, this novel will keep you turning pages late into the night.

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