Monday, June 25, 2012

The Joys of the Software Synthesizer

Listening to some of my older tracks - available on Bandcamp - I'm often taken aback how how well they sound.  Yeah, it isn't musical genius, but there are some flashes of brilliance shining through my limited technology and keyboard prowess.  It seems that the more I play, the more I get a feel for what sounds right.  My latest tracks are just stronger and more interesting.  I can only hope that this trend continues as I try to make more and more complicated compositions.

But what has really surprised me lately is the new direction I've taken.  I normally am a hardware guy, being old enough to remember the days when playing music was expensive.  But now with Apps, Midi keyboards, and cheap computer interface boxes, it's possible to create without such a high entry price.  Sure, this allows more and more people to put out music - much like ebooks, websites, and blogging - but hey, down with the gatekeepers!  Up with People!  Or something like that.

Anyways, I've recently been playing with iPad software synths - Camel Audio Alchemy, DM1 drum machine, and Rebirth - along with a iRig to connect to my Akai MINIAK.  I've been taken aback how easy and powerful these tools are.  And the prices allow one to buy several bits of software, all at a price lower than a single DSI Mopho.  Sure, the pure analog sound of the Mopho has a strong appeal, but especially in the world of recording and added effects, such hardware - especially at the price - isn't always needed for the best sound.

More tracks coming soon.

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