Monday, December 19, 2011

Next Book Update: Malediction & other works

I've been playing around with different book cover layouts for Malediction.  Right now, this is my favorite and will probably be used for release of this novella.  I should really farm out this kind of work, but I'm too impatient to wait for an artist to complete the work.

Regarding my next book - the crime thriller set in the 1970s - I've taken a little break from that work.  It continues at a slow pace, but will probably pick up once the holidays are completed.  What else is a poor Michigander going to do during those bleak winter nights?  This novel has also been a return to the third person narrative and all that entails.  I chose this route just for the practice.  Normally I enjoy first person, since it gives an honest, more personal experience - but I thought this book needed the multiple view-points.  Plenty of surprises in this one!

Murder at Zero Hour has been flying off the virtual shelves, especially on Amazon.  Making a book free certainly brings the readers, which in turn will hopefully bring some more paid customers.  Publishing an eBook is now silly easy, but getting your name recognized is now more difficult than ever.  I thought a free novel would expose more readers to my work, and hell, a story is a little scrap of fame.  It remains to be seen if such a marketing plan actually works, but it's still early in the game.

Murder At Zero Hour is available at:

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