Thursday, December 22, 2011

Malediction is now available via Smashwords

As usual, it will take a few weeks to propagate out to Apple, B&N, Sony, and Kobo.  Coming up next is the Amazon edition, which will only take a few more hours of work to put out.

From the description:
The world of the Ancients has been dead for over 200 years. Mikel is an innocent man who is accidentally thrust in the power struggle between the ruling Mujadeen and the ever-increasing Rebellion. Turned outlaw, he carries a warning to the Rebels in their hidden mountain enclave. His perilous journey takes him across the Wasteland, where he is aided by an orphaned girl. With her guidance, Mikel traverses the remains of a ruined city, home to the inhuman Mutans and other unspeakable horrors. The message he carries will change the balance of power, and with it, the hopes of humanity.

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