Friday, June 17, 2011

Review: Badfinger - No Dice

Ah... Badfinger.  There isn’t a sadder story in the annals of rock n’ roll – a group anointed by the Beatles and with a seemingly bright future ahead of them.  But criminal management and poor record label handling eventually led to suicide of two of their members – Pete Ham and Tom Evans.  Almost from the start, Badfinger seemed cursed at every turn, living in near poverty when they should have been rock stars.

Behind this cloud of near-Shakespearean tragedy, Badfinger still managed to churn out several albums of shiny British pop.  Choosing my personal favorite Badfinger album is always difficult and my pick will probably change over the years.  However, No Dice is a strong contender since it has a number of standout tracks – No Matter What, Midnight Caller and Without You.

Other Badfinger albums worth checking out are Straight Up and Wish You Were Here.

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