Monday, June 13, 2011

Next Book Update - Thoughts on Ruins and Decay

The work on my next book continues - though at a slower pace than expected.  Since summer in Michigan goes by too quickly, my weekend time has been consumed with beaches, parades, hiking, and all sorts of chicanery.  But still, I'm making progress and expect to release a sample chapter soon.

Since this book is set in a post-apocalyptic future, it has been interesting to determine how well our modern tools and machinery would hold out to the ravages of time.  Entropy always wins out in the end - how long will rubber last?  Or guns?  Or even ammunition?  Gasoline would become unusable unless properly stored and maintained.  Even larger objects - like buildings - are ravaged by time.  For example, roofs and foundations are destroyed by rain and vegetation.  Door and window seals would also rot, letting the elements inside.  Once that happens, only the strongest parts of the building would survive before the entire structure crumbled into the ground.

A good example of this is Detroit - a city that is slowly losing the buildings that are left unattended.

In my book it's been difficult capturing the right balance of decay and the opulence of the past.  I hope the results are worth the wait.


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