Monday, April 16, 2012

First Impressions of the DSI Mopho Analog Synthesizer

In order to increase my music-making palette, I bought a Dave Smith Instruments Mopho.  Compared to my Akai MINIAK, which is a Digital "Analog Modeling" synth, I was taken aback by the power and punch of the Mopho Module.  Leading edges seem to have more bite, with a character that makes the Akai seem a little dull and rolled-off.  The over 380 presets are fairly good too, and with the wide-range of immediate modification, will definitely see some time in my next creations.

I've only put a few hours on the Mopho, but I've found the lack of USB problematic.  It would be nicer to have the MIDI jacks connected to my keyboard, but instead have to mess around with the virtual keyboard or the "Push It!" button to trigger sounds while I'm using the software editor.  The sequencer is also only good for 16 notes, though there are four of them for adding depth and color.

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