Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Review: Sad Lovers and Giants - Feeding the Flame

Sad Lovers and Giants were another Midnight Music group that had a long and varied discography.  After splitting in 1983, they reformed again in 1986 with a new lineup since other members split to start Snake Corps.  In 1991, SL&G released their last album Treehouse Poetry on the dying Midnight Music label only to split up yet again.  Time marched on only to find them releasing albums yet again with a new one planned for this year.

Feeding the Flame is Sad Lovers and Giants second album and was released in 1983.  It's riddled with atmospheric keyboard, post-punk choppy guitars and moody vocals - the classic sound of Cold Wave.  Lovers of The Cure, The Sound, or Echo will find much to love here.

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