Friday, April 29, 2011

Murder at Zero Hour is now available via Smashwords

From the safety of America, William Grant watches as the Great War rages in Europe. Itching for adventure, he travels to Britain to join the army. After a harrowing journey, Grant is accepted into a newly formed regiment. He is posted to France, where he must learn to survive the horrors of war. A popular Captain is killed, and the evidence points to murder. Who in the regiment did the deed? With the help of his comrades, Grant must survive the Battle of the Somme and the evil intentions of an unknown murderer, all while trying to earn the love of a beautiful nurse.

This is a short novel that I wrote a few years ago, but only decided to publish now.  It was a matter of word length - 75,000 or more words is ideal, but I did not want to pad this novel out excessively.  The idea of a murder occurring during the middle of a war seemed like an interesting idea to pursue.  I chose "The Great War" since it has a level of brutality and somberness that was (almost) unparalleled.  Since I'm an Anglophile, I also made the main character an American who is suddenly immersed into the English Army.  Research for this novel was particularly dreadful since the war seemed so senseless.  With that in mind, I had my character lose, but still gain something in return for his sacrifices.


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